Family always comes first!
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Chew Chainz were born in New York City, where strollers gate crash the subway, taxi cabs don’t require car seats and babies are hustling in the playground before they’ve even learned to crawl.



I would know… my daughter Isabel is the toddler queen of 82nd Street.  But, back when we were first cruising the block together, I could not leave the apartment without being saddled with an arsenal of Mom-made accessories.  Pick your poison - pastels or polka dots.  And, if I did risk flying solo, baby eye-pokes, fish-hooks and all purpose meltdowns were sure to follow.

I thought there just had to be a more guy-friendly option… So, with a nod to my favorite rockers, hip-hop stars and athletes (most of them Dads), Chew Chainz was founded to fill the void.  

Our Chew Chainz are non-toxic, lead and BPA-free, 100% safe for teething little mouths, and of course, stylish.  Never again face the abject horror of cleaning a fallen binkie in the subway.  Leave the diaper bag behind, grab your little one, and hang a Chew Chain around your neck.

C’mon.  Join our Chain Gang.  Because, sometimes, babysitting is a man’s job.