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Playground Protocol: The Solo Cup

Now, here’s one that we’ve been going back and forth on…  What’s the verdict on sipping some beer or wine at the playground out of a big ol’ Solo cup?  Is that frowned upon?

In my mind, there are some playground ground rules that are pretty clear cut. If your child takes my girl’s toy, I expect you – as the supervising adult – to notice that behavior and intervene appropriately. I don’t want to be the Bad Cop snatching a toy out of some random kid’s hands and causing waterworks. But, then there are other areas of playground etiquette that fall into more of a gray zone… the aforementioned Solo cup question, for one.


Now the letter of the law - at least in New York City - says no.  But, if you were to glance quickly at that sign, you might just assume that only martinis are off-limits.  There's a logical view that holds... as long as my drink is in the Solo, and I’m not flashing the Budweiser ribbon all over the place, then I’m not in blatant violation of any open container laws. 

Of course, take that a step further, and conceal your drink in a water bottle or coffee cup, and that screams “I have a problem.” The Solo cup say this ain't wrong I've got nothing to hide.

But, it's a gray zone for a reason. We're talking about a social Saturday at the park, not Monday morning by your lonesome. And, a couple of beers/wine among friends is one thing.  Leave the suitcase in the fridge, and spirits probably aren’t a good idea either (unless someone is really handy with the blender). 

Finally, keep it in check. There's enough gibberish-talking and wobbly legs at the playground without the adults getting into the action.

Disclaimer – Chew Chainz does not endorse drinking and parenting. Please enjoy your refreshment in moderation. And, if you’re heading to the playground… well, that’s your call.

September 09, 2014 by Ted Flanagan
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