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Introducing the Money Chain for Bad Boys

There’s no question that Chew Chainz owes a huge debt to hip-hop culture.  Of course, we are all old enough now to remember the days when MTV actually aired music videos, so we’re partial to a certain vintage.

Our new Money Chain is a throwback to the days of East Coast-West Coast feuds, velour tracksuits and platinum bling.  Somewhere in between the time when Flavor Flav first donned a viking helmet and clock and the nerd-chic era that was ushered in by the artist formerly known as Kanye, hip-hop culture reached its apex.

In fact, look closely and you can see that influence at the very core of our brand.  Our logo draws inspiration from the famous Bad Boy Records logo and that iconic image of Biggie wearing the crown  (Can you see our New York bias creeping in?)  Apologies to Jay-Z for the Roc-A-Fella omission.

So,with the pending addition of the Money Chain to our Chew Chainz product line, we’re going back to the same well for more inspiration.  A number of friends have suggested that we shoot a promotional video.  We think it’s a great idea… Tell me where to find some all-red and all-yellow jumpsuits, a wind tunnel and the requisite back-up dancers - and then sign me up.  And, say what you will about Puffy, but the man knows how to make a video cameo.

We are certainly open to other suggestions… Others up for consideration include “Gin and Juice” (two to a bike anyone?), Skee-lo’s “I Wish” and maybe a “California Love” or “Sabotage” cinematic vibe, if holiday sales take off and we can up the budget.  Share your suggestions with us using #chewchainz  

November 19, 2014 by Ted Flanagan
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