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From the Chain Gang to the Dogg Pound?

For months we have shrugged off the suggestion... but the people have spoken.  Chew Chainz for Dogz is a tidal wave that can't be stopped.  Pet-loving family and friends have been recommending that we go after this market from Day 1.  My brother even fire-tested an early prototype King Chain with his Rat Terrier, Moo.  And, now, thanks to a friend and coworker, Christina, and her Pug puppy, Eloise, we have all of the proof that we need... Chew Chainz Doggystyle!

Not only did Eloise fully work over this Money Chain to ease her teething gums, but a recent visit to the vet won (unofficial) approval for the product from the doggie medical community.  Clearly, we have to run with this opportunity.  So, with my aforementioned Rat Terrier-owning brother in town this weekend, we started to brainstorm our next Chew Chainz product extension.  Given this tremendous untapped demand, we thought it only appropriate that we solicit input on our new direction from friends of the brand.

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Stay tuned for more on this front... We're going Doggystyle!


August 23, 2015 by Ted Flanagan
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