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What Happens When The Mouse Meets The Shield?

Multi-million dollar franchises.  Loyalties that span generations.  Heroes and villains.  Tight pants and cartoon muscles.  The NFL and Disney actually have quite a bit in common.

At Chew Chainz HQ, we’re no strangers to the football, Disney Junior clicker flick.  So, we found this mashup of NFL logos with Disney characters pretty cool.

The logos were created by a graphic designer and big time sports fan.  You can see them all on his Instagram page.  And, if you ran a laughingstock franchise like the Jets or the Raiders, why not go all-in on the re-branding?  It’s probably your only shot at attracting new fans.  Second thought, that would never happen, right?

I loved the Patriots “Flying Elvis” logo getting the Mad Hatter treatment.  And, Baloo is a perfect fit for the Bears logo, but something tells me that no one in the Windy City is singing “no worries for the rest of your days” with Smoking Jay Cutler behind center.

So, where else could we go with this mashup?

Tom Brady = Tarzan

Stud.  Winner.  Tarzan meet Jane.  Tom meet Gisele.

Peyton Manning = Piglet

A beloved character, who always seems scared of the big moment.

Roger Goodell = Evil Queen

Powerful, corrupt, ruler of the realm who only cares how he/she looks in the mirror.

And, if you’re looking for another really cool mashup, check out what this other group of graphic designers did re-imagining NFL logos based on European soccer crests (  Cheeky effort, lads.

December 08, 2014 by Ted Flanagan
Tags: Disney nfl
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