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A Very Chew Chainz Holiday Gift Guide

We’re officially inside that Twelve Days of Christmas window… so here at Chew Chainz, in addition to belting out “five golden rings” and popping multiple advent calendars, we’ll be counting down some of our holiday favorites.  

We’ll start with “A Very Chew Chainz Holiday Gift Guide,” because the last thing you want to do is give the lame gift that ends up as the last pick in a Yankee Swap for the poor sap who missed out on the Snuggie and other “as seen on TV” classics.

So, before you're stuck cursing in mall traffic on Christmas Eve, here are a few fun, Chew Chainz-inspired tips for the Dads and kids on your nice or naughty list:

  1. Rockabye Baby - We’ve talked before about these lullaby renditions of your favorite rock or hip-hop tunes.  Nothing says “I love you” like a custom playlist of deep cuts from Rockabye
  2. Tattly Tattoos - These temporary tattoos from Tattly are popping up in all kinds of toy stores and the designs are cool.   Buyer beware.  Don’t go blaming us if you’re child goes for the Dennis Rodman look 18 years from now.
  3. Paper Box Pilots - As seen on Shark Tank… (and, yes, we’re eagerly awaiting our chance at the negotiating table with the Sharks.)  Let’s be honest, your kids will spend more time playing with the packaging anyway.  Why not embrace it with an imaginative jet, race car or fire truck design by Paper Box Pilots.
  4. Shotgun Shell Lights / Christmas Light Magnets - If you’re baby-proofing your living space, firearms are a definite no-no.  But, you can still show you holiday spirit with a shining set of red and green shotgun shells.  Hang these bad boys on your mantle and invite Cousin Eddie over for some egg-nog.  Or, give your stroller the Clark Griswold treatment with these magnetic lights, courtesy of another Shark Tank alum.
  5. Boken Diaper Bags - Baby products that work for Dad are always a hit here at Chew Chainz, so here’s a diaper bag that looks very cool and functional.
  6. Rock-and-Roll Onesies - Is your baby more the Metallica or Bob Marley type?  Either way, you can rep your favorite artists and albums with a special outfit for your little roadie.
So, make sure you have a little fun with your gift giving this year.  That new tie or pair of socks can always wait until Father’s Day.
December 14, 2014 by Ted Flanagan
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