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The Elite 8 Kid's Movies... Vote Now for the Final Four

After the Round of Sweet 16 voting, the cream is starting to rise to the top in Chew Chainz Ultimate Kid's Movie bracket. Pretenders to the throne, like Alladin and The Land Before Time, saw their luck run out.  But, some of the early favorites are going home now too, or phoning home, in E.T.'s case.  Even Finding Nemo washed out after facing off against Toy Story.  The movies that remain are truly Elite, so vote now for you Final 4 picks!

In the Disney Old School Division... The Little Mermaid and the Lion King will face off to crown the top Disney flick of that dominant era, after Alladin and Beauty and The Beast fell by the wayside.  CHEW CHAINZ PICK: King of the Jungle trumps Under the Sea.  Lion King

In the Disney New School Division... It's Frozen vs. Toy Story.  Anna & Elsa vs. Woody & Buzz.  "Let It Go" vs. "To Infinity and Beyond."  #1 Seed vs. #2 Seed.  CHEW CHAINZ PICK:  Apologies to my daughter, and the whole kingdom of Arendelle, but I'm taking Toy Story

In the Non-Disney Animated Division... It's Shrek vs. All Dogs Go to Heaven.  Maybe I'm missing something here, but All Dogs has the look of a party-crasher to the Final 4.  CHEW CHAINZ PICK: Easy, All Dogs Go to Heaven

In the Non-Animated Division... Hook is our lowest-seeded film remaining, which simply means that we got the seeds wrong. The run has been that impressive.  But, oompa-loompa, duppity-do, I've got another puzzle for you... who do you pick when you're up against Wonka for a birth in the Final 4?  CHEW CHAINZ PICK: Cash that Golden Ticket, Willy Wonka is headed to the Final 4!


March 31, 2015 by Ted Flanagan
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