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The Final 4 is set for Chew Chainz' Kid's Movie Madness

At Chew Chainz, we're very close to crowning the Greatest Kid's Movie ever!  The Final Four is set, so make your picks now.  The Lion King won the Disney Old School division, while Toy Story took the New School crown. Shrek is our Non-Disney Animated champ, and the last remaining #1-seed.  Willy Wonka will represent the Non-Animated category in the Big Dance.  

Turns out our original picks, were nearly spot-on, with only Shrek displacing our Cinderalla pick - All Dogs Go to Heaven - in the Final Four.

So, who will advance to the final?

The Lion King-Toy Story matchup will pit traditionalists against the newer style of computer animation.  Lion King may have the support of Broadway fans, but Toy Story spawned two excellent sequels, and the original is still the best of the bunch.

Our pick: Woody and Buzz are off to infinity and beyond!

Shrek vs. Willy Wonka may seem an unlikely meeting in the Final Four.  But, Shrek was a blockbuster, and Wonka is a timeless parable of naughty children getting their "just desserts."  

Our pick: Wonka punches his Golden Ticket to the finals


April 05, 2015 by Ted Flanagan
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